Don's Notes

What We're Looking For In People

We want
people with the following qualities and traits:

• Integrity
• Honesty
• Ambition
• Imagination
• Initiative
• Innovators
• Dreamers
• Motivators
• Experts who love there line of work   
• Perfectionists trying to do the best that we can
• Positive thinkers
• People who can take and give constructive criticism
• Timely
• Responsible
• Sense of humor
• Good listeners


• People who want to learn, teach or try new things they think they may like doing.
• General laborers are some of the most important people in the world. Without them, it makes it much harder to accomplish everyone’s goals.
• People who think health and happiness are important.

• People who think everything starts with a dream, but must have a written-down plan.

• Goals and a time-frame for each goal. We believe in to-do lists!

• People who need people.

• People who know or are interested in the trades, such as: Carpentry, Electronics, Security Installation, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, and all other trades.


We believe that everything counts. The way we act, dress, say and do counts. Whether it's good or bad, everything counts.

 We think people should do what they like and love the best. So it’s not like work, but instead something that's fun, satisfying, entertaining, enjoyable and rewarding, to you as well as others. We should be able to make money by doing the things we enjoy and do well.
Know that helping enough people get what they want, will help us all eventually get what we want and need.

Example: what can you do with one battery? In most cases, you need at least two to power a flash light, four for a radio, a thousand to operate a big machine, and so forth. My point is that more people on our side would mean better, easier ways of doing things, accomplishing many goals and making more money. Two good ideas are better than one idea. Two heads are better than one.

Here are some of my basic ideas for happiness.  How many do you share?

• A high-paying job, or our own business

• Being able to save at least 10% of all money earned

• To save time and work. To work smarter, not harder or longer, so we can enjoy our short life and its pleasures with our children and loved ones.

• We are not here for a long time. We should be here  for a good time.
Most people want to look and feel better (healthy).  We want to be comfortable. Be free of common aches and pains. Sleep easy. Have less stress. Live longer. Be loved, wanted and never alone. Be more popular. Feel praised and admired. Gain pleasure. Satisfy our appetites and desires. Feel more fulfilled. So we can feel important. We want safety, security and peace of mind. We want to be free from fear, and worries of life, as well as to have peace, safety and well-being of ourselves and our children.

We are looking for people who believe in the same thing we do about the United States of America. It is a great country. But let's try to make it better and greater for all mankind, starting with this group. In our mastermind group we want to help all of us get what most people want in life.  Charity begins at home. 


We want to put together a brainstorming mastermind group.  What are some of the things we need to think about?  Here are a few examples:

• Ideas having to with security and marketing security

• Brainstorming for businesses and life

• Starting a advertising and marketing company for new start-up businesses called "Standby Advertising"

• A handyman business for professionals by professionals

• Starting a new business with speakers and trainers. Putting on seminars for profit.

• Personal assistants for new start-ups


If you're interested in any of the ideas or opportunities above, send us your resume and your LinkedIn and/or Facebook page URL addresses.  Any new or additional references at this time would also be helpful and appreciated. 

If applying for security opportunities and careers you will need a drug and background check, and must be photographed as well as finger-printed. 

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If you know someone who qualifies, we will pay you a 50.00 referral gift card for anyone who stays with us for three months. Also a $50.00 minimum referral fee for anyone choosing to use DTN security systems or changing their existing security system to DTN.

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